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Keep Calm & let us cater

Our Services

Bring the magic of Gloria's Restaurant & Bar to any event, anytime, anywhere!  Let our catering team deliver our authentic taste, impeccable service, and an unforgettable experience to your next party, meeting, fundraiser or celebration.  We offer full service catering, delivery or pick up options, designed to fit within your budget.  Call us today to schedule a tasting or for pricing information.  

Serving Dishes

Catering Menu

  • Steak Picado

  • Fajitas de Res (Steak Fajitas)

  • Chile Rojo (Beef)

  • Chile Verde (Beef)

  • Barbacoa (Beef)

  • Fajitas de Pollo (Chicken Fajitas)

  • Enchiladas

  • Carnitas Encebolladas

  • Carne en Salsa Cascabel 

  • Pollo en Rajas

  • Pollo en Escabeche​

  • Tortillas Hechas a Mano (Handmade Corn Tortillas)

  • Bolillo

  • Chilaquiles (rojos, verdes o culiches)

  • Huevos con: chorizo, tocino(bacon), jamon(ham), o machaca de res o pollo(shredded beef or chicken)

  • Huevos Vegetarianos (Vegetarian)

  • Served with Rice, Beans & Papas Mexicanas

These are a few of our most popular catering dishes. Contact us to Create a personalized menu for your special event!

For catering inquiries, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!

We are located in Huntington Park Ca

Thanks for your inquiry! We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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